We have heard from people accessing mental health services and their family and loved ones, that changing medications prescribed for mental health can be a challenging time. Changing medication could involve trying a different dose, stopping a medication or starting on a new medication - or a combination of all these factors.

We want to understand more about this experience and how mental health services can better support people and carers during this transition.

One way we are thinking about doing this is to provide people with information that guides them through a change of medication, what they should expect and where they can get more support. We invite you to tell us what you think should be included in this resource to make it useful.

Review the draft booklet

Using the feedback and experiences that were shared with us, we have created a draft information resource to capture the suggestions of people with lived experience and health professionals.

The resource is designed to be a workbook which people can complete themselves or with the support of a health professional to plan and manage a medication change. We hope that this will give people going through a change of medication some reliable information and support suggestions.

We are inviting community feedback on the draft resource and would value your feedback and suggestions to help make this resource as useful as possible.

You can do this via a short survey by clicking on the start button below, or get in touch with us on mlhd-mhda-experiences@health.nsw.gov.au and we would happily send an electronic version of the draft resource to you to review.

The resource review will be open until Monday 21 February.

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