We have heard from people accessing mental health services and their family and loved ones, that changing medications prescribed for mental health can be a challenging time. Changing medication could involve trying a different dose, stopping a medication or starting on a new medication - or a combination of all these factors.

We want to understand more about this experience and how mental health services can better support people and carers during this transition.

One way we are thinking about doing this is to provide people with information that guides them through a change of medication, what they should expect and where they can get more support. We invite you to tell us what you think should be included in this resource to make it useful.

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5 July, 2021

Georgie says:

“One on one support I found so helpful when I was in the Mental Health Recovery Unit. I was fortunate enough to have been in the program”

29 June, 2021

Tiffany says:

“This is what your idea looks like once submitted. Other visitors to this page can see it so choose a name which does not identify you :)”

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