MHDA Experiences is owned and operated by Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD), Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol directorate using software licensed from Social Pinpoint Pty Ltd (ACN 164 471 425). The site aims to engage people who have lived experience of mental health, drug or alcohol issues to gather input and experiences to help improve the Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol services provided by Murrumbidgee Local Health District.

Content on MHDA Experiences is moderated by Social Pinpoint Pty Ltd and site administrators from MLHD Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol directorate.

Moderation aims to create and maintain a productive and safe online environment for users so that they can participate in consultation topics or communicate with each other without feeling intimidated, insulted or unsafe.

How Moderation Works

The site uses either:

(a) post-moderation where all content submitted by users on our site is immediately published and then reviewed by our moderators to ensure it complies with the site’s Moderation and Community Guidelines or

(b) pre-moderation where all content must first be approved by our moderators before appearing on the site.

In the first case (a), the user’s content is immediately posted on the site and then reviewed by the moderators. If the content violates the Moderation Policies, the user’s content will be rejected and the user may be notified via email.

We reserve the right to edit or remove any content in our sole discretion that has been posted on our site.

In some cases, you may notice that your submitted content that was once posted no longer appears on the site. The content is only temporarily removed until it can be reviewed to ensure it complies with the Moderation and Community Guidelines. If your content has been rejected, you may be notified by us via email.

With the pre-moderation tool (b), moderators must review and approve the user’s content before it is posted onto the site. This may mean the user’s content does not immediately appear on the site.

Participation Rules

We have the right to edit or remove any content submitted by a user. This can include, but not be limited to:

  • Personal attacks on other participants or staff
  • Personal identifying information about the poster, other participants or staff
  • Offensive language including profanity/swearing
  • Comments that are discriminatory of people’s gender, race, religion, culture, sexual preference, appearance or background
  • Comments that we consider could be harmful, damaging or distressing to the person posting or other users. This includes methods, images or details about suicide, self-harm or abuse.
  • Links to any advertising or illegal material
  • Spamming of comments
  • Rude and dismissive comments
  • Comments promoting personal beliefs in a way that is disrespectful of the choices of others
  • Comments asking other users for personal identifying information or attempting to make contact off the site.

We reserve the right to permanently deactivate the accounts of users who breach our participation rules.

Community Guidelines

To help make MHDA Experiences a safe, respectful and valuable space for all participants and staff, we have outlined some Community Guidelines.

We encourage you to think positively about your participation. This is an opportunity for you to make constructive contributions and share your experiences to help improve Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol services in your community.

We ask that participants act with respect and follow the community guidelines:

  • Never be rude or dismissive about other people's comments. Respect the views of other people, even if they are different than your own. Keep comments focused on the issue or topic rather than engaging in personal attacks.
  • Respect other people’s journeys with mental health, drug or alcohol issues and their individual beliefs about treatment and recovery.
  • The site is a safe space for diverse people and opinions. All users should be considerate of cultures and beliefs that may be different to their own.
  • Do not try to make contact with other users off the site or ask for personal identifying information
  • Be mindful when posting descriptions or personal stories that they are not graphic, or could be distressing or harmful to other users.
  • Only post content that suitable for anyone (including children) to view
  • Ensure you have received permission to post any images or intellectual property of third parties
  • Do not spam either by posting irrelevant websites or by re-posting your comment

If you feel that someone is breaching the Community Guidelines or Participation Rules, or is at risk of harm, please report their post using the report function.

Artworks and Images

Some activities allow for the community to submit an image as part of their participation.

The administrators of MHDA Experiences will screen all artwork images submitted before this appear on the platform. We will not display any image which in breach of these Community Guidelines.

Images must not present images which could be distressing, triggering, offensive or derogatory to others. This includes images of self-harm, violence, abuse, profane language (swearing) or offensive terms (e.g. racial slurs).

Images must be your own or you must have rights to share the image.

Images must not contain other people, unless you have record of their consent to being included.

Community Safety

MHDA Experiences is monitored by administrative staff from MLHD during business hours and we are not able to immediately read everything that is posted or submitted. The purpose of the site is for people to share their experiences, suggestions and feedback. We are not able to provide medical advice, counselling or crisis support.

If you or someone you know is feeling distressed and needs to contact someone urgently, please call our AccessLine on 1800 800 944 (free call, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

If you or someone you know is experiencing high levels of distress or feeling suicidal, please go to the nearest Emergency Department as soon as possible and they will help you access our Mental Health Emergency Services.

If a life is in danger, CALL 000 straight away.

If any material you post raises concerns about your safety or the safety of others, we may try to contact you to make sure that you or others are safe. We may also need to pass your contact details on to authorities who can help protect your safety or the safety of others (for example, to the police or a mental health crisis service).

Questions or complaints

You can contact the MHDA Experiences administration team at if you have any questions about moderation or the Community Guidelines.