Going through a a difficult time with your mental health, drug or alcohol use can feel lonely at times. It can help to hear from others who have been through similar challenges.

If you have a lived experience of mental health, drug or alcohol use challenges, we invite you to share your words of hope, strength and encouragement to others to help them in their path to recovery.

As well as anyone being able to visit this page and read inspiring messages, we will also print and display these messages in our Mental Health Units at Wagga Base Hospital, Community Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol services and Safe Havens.

We want to keep this space positive and safe for everyone. Please read the important information below, before submitting your message.

  • To have your message included on the noticeboard and displayed in services for this project, it must be a supportive message of encouragement. Messages that do not fit this purpose will not be included.
  • Messages and images (if you choose to submit one) will be displayed on the noticeboard on this page, unless in breach of our Community Guidelines.
  • Messages and images must not contain anything which could be distressing, triggering, offensive or derogatory to others. This includes images of self-harm, violence, abuse, profane language (swearing) or offensive terms (e.g. racial slurs).
  • Images must not contain photographs of you or another person.
  • Please make sure you have the rights to share any image which you submit with your message (do not share confidential images or photographs/ artworks that you do not own)
  • Messages must not contain identifying information about you or another person. When posting your message, do not use your full name. You can choose just your first name, or another name, such as a nickname.

To submit your message, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ‘add your message’ button below
  2. Choose ‘text’ or ‘image’ in the tabs at the top
  3. Write your message
  4. Upload an image from your computer or mobile device, to go with your message, if you wish
  5. Select the category that you think best fits your message
  6. Choose a screen name which will be displayed with your artwork. Do not use your full name. You can choose just your first name, or another name, such as a nickname.
  7. Enter your email address so we can contact you if needed. This is not visible to anyone outside of the MHDA Experiences administration team.
  8. Hit the ‘submit’ button and you’re all done!

Your message will be submitted to us for moderation. Please allow up to 48 hours for it to appear on the noticeboard.