The Murrumbidgee Mental Health Emergency Consultation Service (MHECS) is creating a new Model of Care which will guide the delivery of this important service into the future.

We are inviting people who have engaged with the MHECS service to tell us about their experience and their ideas for the service.


MHECS works with hospitals and Emergency Departments across Murrumbidgee Local Health District to provide assessment and advice for people experiencing crisis, mental health, drug or alcohol issues. The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and works with over 30 hospitals and multi-purpose services to support people of any age who are seeking mental health care.

MHECS is an assessment service which links consumers to appropriate services. They communicate with a range of services such as Community Mental Health Services, Local General Practitioners and Mental Health Units in promoting the best treatment outcomes for mental health consumers.

The MHECS team also operates a PACER and virtual PACER service, working in partnership with police to support people experiencing a mental health emergency.

What is a Model of Care?

A Model of Care (MOC) is designed to guide the practice of staff working in services in MLHD. It sets out what we in MLHD believe to be good quality mental health, drug or alcohol care, and what people accessing our service should expect from their care journey with us.

Give your input

At this stage, we are gathering experiences of the MHECS service from families, carers and individuals who have connected with MHECS as part of their care and assessment.

We are also interested in your ideas for the delivery of MHECS and how this service can best meet the needs of people, families and carers during a mental health, drug or alcohol crisis.

These experiences and ideas will be reviewed by the MHECS team and used to inform the Model of Care.

There will then be opportunity for participants to review the draft Model of Care.

Things to know

  • We ask for your name and contact details so we can keep in touch with how this project is going, and what has been done with the input we get.
  • Your response will be received and reviewed by Tiffany - the Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Coordinator Consumer Participation Strategy.
  • Your name and details will not be shared with the MHECS team or any other staff, unless you consent to this.
  • Nothing that you share will be recorded in your healthcare record or have any impact on the care you receive from any of our services in the future.

How to take part

You can choose how you would like to take part:

  1. Share your experiences and ideas in the online feedback form below (you need to register and be logged in to this platform to take part).
  2. Tell us your ideas for MHECS in our community brainstorming activity below.
  3. Chat to us about your experiences. Register for a phone call via the form below, or email us on and we will get in touch to arrange a time that suits you.
  4. Send your ideas and perspectives in email to

Feedback will close on Sunday 5 June.

Your ideas

What is important to you when connecting with MHECS?

Let us know how the MHECS service can best support you. You might like to think about: How would you like the experience to feel? What is helpful when you access MHECS? What is most important to you about your interaction with MHECS? We look forward to hearing your suggestions! (max 140 characters).

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Moderation Policy

20 May, 2022

Tiffany says:

This is how your idea will look when you submit it :)

Your experiences

Click on the start button below to open some questions about your experience with, and suggestions for MHECS.

Chat by phone

To arrange a chat about your MHECS experience, fill in your details below and we will contact you to schedule a time that suits you. You can also email us on to arrange a call if you prefer.

Important information:

  • Individual phone conversations will be with Tiffany Thompson, MHDA Coordinator Consumer Participation Strategy
  • You will be asked for your thoughts on the service and what you think would be most helpful to people connecting with MHECS during a mental health crisis. You do not have to share details of your own experience if you do not want to.
  • The views and experiences you share with us are confidential. We will make notes of the suggestions given and key points from the discussion, however you will not be identified in any further reports produced.
  • We will keep you up-to-date on the development of the service after the consultation and invite any further feedback you may have.

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