Murrumbidgee Local Health District has been lucky to receive a small grant for use in improving the physical spaces of the High Dependency Unit in the Mental Health Inpatient Unit, located at Wagga Base Hospital.

The project aims to enhance the common areas of the unit, including a small courtyard and room to be used for relaxation and visits from family and loved ones.

We would like to create a warm, comforting and friendly space which brings in elements of nature, art and culture to the unit.

The votes are in!

In the second half of 2023, we asked our community to tell us what would help improve the physical spaces in the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

We had a voting activity on this page and in our mental health units, where people could choose their favourite ideas or make other suggestions. We also talked to people in our mental health units to ask their ideas and feedback on the current environment in HDU.

We had an amazing response, with over 80 people taking part in voting, idea generation and conversations. As a result of what you told us, we are going to focus on the following three areas:

  • Water Feature

    Most people we spoke to felt positively about having a water feature in the common area of the HDU. You felt that it would provide a calming sound, be relaxing to look at, and provide a connection to nature.

    We are working on sourcing a suitable water feature for the common area courtyard.

  • First Nations artworks

    Cultural connections and elements was seen as very important by the people we heard from. You told us you would like more artwork by First Nations artists in the HDU.

    We are working with First Nations people to have more cultural artworks on display, as well as an Acknowledgement of Country in the common area of the unit.

    (the artwork in this image is Wiradjuri River People - Healing created by artist Owen Lyons)

  • Space for visitors

    Something that many of you told us was how important it is to have a private and comfortable space to spend time with visitors while in the HDU.

    We have identified a room with outdoor access in the unit, which will become a dedicated visitors space. There will be a focus on making this space relaxing and non-clinical with elements of nature.

What's next

We are working on the elements identified above and will share an update here when these are completed.

Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas and feedback with us!