Journi is a new Online Recovery Plan developed in the Murrumbidgee over 4 years of consultation with consumers and service providers working in Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol.

Journi creates a pathway to improved wellbeing by allowing people to share their goals and successes with their chosen support networks, carers and health workers.

Be in control of your information

With Journi, the consumer is in control of their recovery and information sharing. The app lets the person share their journey with people who aid in their recovery, like service providers or carers.

No one can see information the consumer has chosen not to share.

Connect with others

Health and Support workers can be invited to assist the person to develop goals and a care plan, which are all shared by the consumer in one central location

Carers can view information shared by the consumer that enables them to support their loved one.

Find out more about Journi here:

My Goals Stay focused on the things that matter most, and make progress towards your goals.  Safety Plan Create your own safety plan and take control of your life. My Journey Keep a journal on your thoughts, feelings, realisations and experiences to conne

Thanks for helping us share Journi with the community

We want Journi to reach as many people in the Murrumbidgee community as possible, to help more people take control of their care and recovery planning.

A leaflet and poster has been created to give people information about Journi and how they can access the app.

We asked our community for feedback on these so that we can make sure they provide the right information and help people understand how they can use Journi.

Thank you to those who so generously took the time to review the draft resources. It was great to see that the feedback was generally positive but there were some helpful suggestions of changes to some wording that we are making.